This work package deal with identifying and developing different tailored functionalized materials for use as filters. Key questions involve development of materials with functionally-enhanced natural and engineered porous materials, synthesis, refining, functionalization, characterization and structuring.

A vital question is how to integrate stimuli-responsive functions through targeted chemical functionalization and/or structuring. The responsive functions will relate to various field or adaptive chemistry induced changes. The major challenge of WP1 is to develop, combine, and integrate materials that fulfill the Mistra TerraClean program general and specific goals of being smart, safe and sustainable. The new and smart material solutions that will be able to selectively capture, control and allow for monitoring emissions to air and water.

For smart water purification we have a set of specific aims. First, at least one introduced smart material will withstand 30-50 bar of working pressures. Also, stimuli-responsive films will be made that manage biofilms (antifouling) and have the ability to remove chosen ions/molecules with better performance regarding the selectivity and capacity than presently available materials and to securing the IP rights for these films. We target removal of heavy metals, arsenic, humic acid, and medical waste. For smart air purification we aim to develop materials that should able to be integrated in filters to have minimum flow resistance and be able remove gas (e.g. CO2, NOx, SOx) and particles by means of charge, chemistry and photocatalysis.

We have included studies of both established materials that can be tuned and optimized towards the intended applications but also exploratory work towards the synthesis and integration of new smart materials into the filters. The studies towards new materials are integrated with the aligned tasks of the Mistra TerraClean programme.

WP 1 Leader: SU (Niklas Hedin)
WP1 Co-Leader UU (Maria Strömme)


Disruptive Materials
RISE Bioeconomy
KTH (Ulrica Edlund, Joydeep Dutta & Lars Wågberg)
MoRe Research (In Kind)
Stockholm University (Aji Mathew & Niklas Hedin)
Uppsala University (Maria Strömme)
Borregaard (In Kind)
Biokol (In Kind)
NeoZeo (In Kind)