Mistra TerraClean develops smart and safe engineered materials and devices for clean air and water

The research program address global sustainability challenges uses naturally occurring and commercially important raw materials to develop smart materials for removal of chemical wastes and pollutants from ambient water and air in the environment and industrial effluents.

Mistra TerraClean develops smart and safe materials and devices for clean air and water

– Programme Director Ulrica Edlund, KTH
Our vision

Our vision is to establish a strong research and innovation environment enabling the development and use of smart materials engineered from indigenous raw materials, to provide substantial contributions to the national environmental and health aims in air and water quality..

How to participate

We always look for more partners. If you are dealing with cleaning air or water we might have new knowledge and technology to reduce the environmental impact. We want to reach out to help solving challenges you might have by testing results from our research.

Our partners
Our partners are universities, research institutes and large and small companies. We work together to bring knowledge from research to applications in business and society.

Our four work packages

Materials (WP1)

Devices, Integration, Scaling and Technoeconomy (WP2)

Environmental and Human Health Assessment (WP3)

Management, Communication, and Outreach (WP4)