This work package will provide toxicological input into various aspects of the projects integrated delivery of smart, flexible and effective filtration materials, fit for manufacture and testing in various societal situations.

Life cycle assessment of potential environmental impacts and a risk assessment of hazards to humans and the ambient environment will be performed and documented for relevant regulatory body interaction and approval. The work will also support the design and interpretation of results from a variety of case studies addressing individual issues of environmental pollution and human safety, in relation to national standards and future environmental aims.

The work will also cover transmission of the results of the project and consequences of these to various stakeholder groups in society, including policy makers, regulatory authorities, industrial sectors and the general public. This will ensure maximal coordinated impact of the consortium work on Sweden’s future industrial and environmental development, and the perpetuation of the consortium structure as a national resource for the area.

WP 4 Leader: Swetox (Ian Cotgreave)
WP 4 Co-Leader: SwedNanoTech (Åsalie Hartmanis)


Swetox- KI