Case studies address our core aims of managing air quality, water quality and chemicals. WP3 will manage the testing and evaluation of the novel filter materials and online sensors developed in WP1 and WP2 under realistic conditions. Key for driving innovation and implementation is to have an efficient communication between the needs and competence provided by the problem owners (industry representatives), and the possibilities provided by the solution providers (research organizations and suppliers).

The aim in WP3 is to use four specific cases within water purification/ air purification to drive the research and development within this program towards real world problems. This approach can bridge the multidisciplinary task of water and air purification by focusing the interest of all the involved organizations towards those four chosen and concrete case studies.

WP 3 Leader: IVL (Henrik Kloo)
WP 3 Co-Leader: RISE Bioeconomy (Ålander)


RISE Bioeconomy
MoRe Research
RISE Bioscience and Materials
Stockholm University (Aji Mathew)
Vattenfall (In Kind)
Boliden (In Kind)
Svenskt vatten (In Kind)