WP2 deals with the design and manufacturing of filters based on smart materials and the development of methods to benchmark and validate the performance of smart materials filters (SMF) against existing solutions.

Connectivity is a key design parameter for SMFs. Smart materials in filters can influence the absorption properties of a pollutant by external stimuli by channeling the stimuli into the material by various connections. By changing the electrochemical potential, electromagnetic fields, pH, ion strength, or photochemical effects, the material can be functional if there are smart materials connections allowing the stimuli to enter the responsive material.

The key question of WP2 is to combine connectivity with mechanical and fluidic properties in a filter design that allows scaling of manufacturing to large volume filters. For photocatalytic purification devices, providing illumination inside 3D structures it will also be important to optimize fluid flow in 2D structure and find scalable designs and materials for photocatalytic fuel cells.

Iterative feedback to WP1 to refine the materials development and functionalization for fine-tuning performance will be crucial for this WP.

WP2 Leader: RISE Digital Systems (Mats Sandberg)
WP2 Co-Leader: Stockholm University (Aji Mathew)


RISE Digital Systems
RISE Bioeconomy
KTH (Joydeep Dutta & Lars Wågberg)
MoRe Research
RISE Bioscience and Materials
Stockholm University (Aji Mathew & Niklas Hedin)
Borregaard (in Kind)
Swedish Aerogel
Boliden (in Kind)