First Master thesis presented under Mistra TerraClean

In the end of June Jowan Rostami presented her Master thesis “Zwitterionic Acetylated Cellulose Nanofibres for Design of Smart Water Filter Systems’ at KTH. Jowan is the first to complete a thesis within the project Mistra TerraClean. His work has been executed on KTH and Stockholm University, under guidance of Ulrica Edlund and Aji Mathew.


Workshop on sensors, membranes & smart filters

Mistra TerraClean had a two Days workshop on sensors, membranes and smart filters on May 29 &30.

The first day we were att Joydeep Duttas lab at KTH Kista. Joydeep and his colleaugues talked about their activities in antifoul ploysulphone membranes, including some of the very recent work on CNT and graphene nanocomposites for antifouling membranes suitable for highly polluting industrial Environments, like in the pharma or food industries.

The second day we were invited to Aji Mathews lab at Stockholm University. Aji and her team were focusing on membrane fabrication and talked about different possibilities on how to create a highly absorbed  filter. The whole group then got to see the lab and with help from Ajis students see the different aspects of the process.

Ocean Cheung receives a grant from Stiftelsen Konung Carl XVI Gustafs 50-årsfond

Ocean Cheung who is doing research for Mistra TerraClean at Uppsala University (Ångströmslaboratoriet), has received a grant from Stiftelsen Konung Carl XVI Gustafs 50-årsfond  (King Carl XVI Gustafs 50years Foundation).

Ocean Cheung

Is leading materials development research at the Division of Nanotechnology and Functional Materials.

Current research interests include:

– Synthesis and development of novel inorganic porous materials
– Environmental applications of porous materials
– Medical and bio-related applications of inorganic carbonates

Full publications list:

Information from UU


Congratulations Ocean!

Announcement from Swedish The Royal Court 

Workshop on LCA

WP4 arranged a workshop yesterday, on LCA tools and safety assesments,  at Näringslivets hus. It was a very fruitful day! Now we will take it to the next step and think about how to implement it in our work. Thank you Lisbeth and Tomas @ IVL


Shown in exhibition at KTH

Mistra TerraClean is a part of an exhibition at KTH. WaterCentre@KTH‘s director David Nilsson formally opened the water exhibition; Get wet!  

The display is now open to public in the main hall of KTHB, KTHs main library.


Workshop at Camfil AB

On February 6, 2018 some of us involved in the Project Mistra TerraClean had a field day @ Camfil in Trosa. We had a wonderful day, where we had the chance to learn about the production of Molecular and particle filters. We also discussed multiple ways of approaching a smart material that can be used in this Project. Thank you @Camfil for giving us a tour around your factory & Tech Center. Very inspirational!