On their so-called 100-list, Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA), highlights diverse research projects from Swedish research and education institutions. This year with a special focus on sustainable development. The projects on the list all have potential of creating impact through commercialization, business or method development, or societal impact.

– We are very proud to be selected to one of top 100 research projects, it shows us that we are handling the balance between basic research and industry collaboration in a good way. It is thanks to all hard working and competent people in the program we have got this award, says Program Director Ulrica Edlund.

More information about IVA: https://www.iva.se/en/

More information on the top 100 list (in Swedish – English is coming next week): https://www.iva.se/projekt/research2business/ivas-100-lista-2020/

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