The Mistra TerraClean program goal is to develop and bring to market a series of nano- and mesoporous smart filters, in which each filter is tailor-made to adsorb a predefined group of chemicals in industrial applications or from the surrounding air or water. The goal is to develop intelligent, resource- and cost-efficient materials for improved and integrated solutions for managing air quality, water quality and chemicals in industrial and municipal operations. It concerns removal of heavy metals, SOx, NOx and other inorganic substances as well as organic substances (persistent organic pollutants, drug metabolites), and fouling microorganisms. By smart materials in this context we mean engineered structures with integrated systems able to respond in a controlled way to external stimuli to achieve the following effects:

Characterize the condition of a filter with respect to integrity, state of health, biofilm, and/or degree of saturation interactively in mode of operation and provide direct response.

Control the filter by stimuli-responsive properties. The materials respond to and perform in a controlled fashion based on operating stimuli by changing e.g. voltage, pH, illumination, pressure, salt, temperature, or ion strength.

These materials will be tested in pilot experiments aimed at demonstrating feasibility, effectivity, safety and economy.