Mistra Programme directors’ meeting

How can research more influence policy development in the European Union? That was one important topic of the Mistra Programme Directors’ meeting in January 2020. New knowledge can help the policy to be more fact based – but then we need to communicate our results in effective and efficient ways.

Mistra Terra Clean is one of many Mistra programmes and on the meetings we can co-ordinate and work smarter together.

Consortium meeting 2019

2019 lovely consortium meeting were held in Stockholm with fruitful discussions. As usual we went through the work packages on the perspective’s achievements and challenges. So nice to see how much a program do in all parts, and a bit stressful to review challenges that must be solved.

One BIG THING were some discussions on focus for the next program period. Which challenges should we focus on? Does it need some other partners? Dialogue continues and any ideas are welcome.

Visit to Hammarby Sjöstadverk

The Hammarby Sjöstadsverk is a  R&D platform for development and exchange of knowledge and technologies in water treatment and related environmental technology and forms the basis for Sweden Water Innovation Centre – SWIC. In May 2019 Mistra Terra Clean made a study visit to the facility and had a good dialouge on water treatment research.