Mistra TerraClean Academy

Mistra Terraclean Academy is an initiative to give added value in terms of competence and insights in issues related to the program’s overarching aim, to the team members. The goal is to organize a site visit in connection with the annual consortium meeting. Every work package is also invited to arrange a special workshop, for other team members to attend. With this initiative, the program will foster an open and learning environment.

During 2018, the following workshops and site visits have been arranged:

Oct 1, 2017
Site visit to Käppala water treatment plant, Lidingö
Kick-off Consortium meeting

Jan 29, 2018
Site visit Camfil, Trosa
Filter Workshop

May 8, 2018
WP 4 Workshop, How to Assess the Environmental Impact of the Mistra Terraclean Project Solutions, Stockholm

May 29, 2018
Workshop, Sensors, technical session, KTH Kista

May 30, 2018
WP2 Membranes workshop, Stockholm University

Sept 12, 2018
Workshop, Uppsala university

Oct 4, 2018
Site visit to Vattenfall fjärrvärme, Uppsala
Consortium Meeting


Activated Carbons from Hydrothermal Carbons Prepared in Milk
Salwa Haj Yahia, Kian Keat Lee,ǂ Niklas Hedin, Tamara L. Church*
Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Stockholm University. Submitted for publication.

Inorganic carbonate composites as high temperature CO2 sorbent with enhanced cycle stability
Maria Vall, Jonas Hultberg, Maria Strømme* and Ocean Cheung*
Nanotechnology and Functional Materials Division, Department of Engineering Sciences, The Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University. Submitted for publication.

Amine modified mesoporous magnesium carbonate (aMMC) as an effective adsorbent for azo dyes
Maria Vall, Maria Strømme* and Ocean Cheung*
Nanotechnology and Functional Materials Division, Department of Engineering Sciences, The Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala UniversitySubmitted for publication.

A universal model for describing the dynamics of capacitive deionization
Johan Nordstrand, Karthik Laxman, and Joydeep Dutta
Functional Materials, Applied Physics Department, SCI School, KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Published

The Team

Abhilash Sugunan, RISE Biosciences and Materials
Aji Mathew, Stockholm University
Anderas Fall, RISE Bioeconomy
Anders Larsson, RISE Biosciences and Materials
Anna Svedberg, MoRe Research AB
Charlotte Nilsson, RISE Swetox
Daniel Hellström, Svenskt Vatten
David Elliott, Nouryon AB
Dimitrios Georgouvelas, Stockholm University/ KTH
Elly Westberg, MoRe Research AB
Hans-Henrik Ovrebo, Borregaard AB
Hjalmar Granberg, RISE Bioeconomy
Ian Cotgreave, Professor RISE Swetox
Jan-Erik P. Nordström, IVL
Joydeep Dutta, KTH
Karl Håkansson, RISE Bioeconomy
Karthik Laxman Kunjali, KTH
Lars Wågberg, KTH
Lisbeth Dahllöf, IVL
Maria Strömme, Uppsala University
Marie Ernstsson, RISE Bioscience and Materials
Marie Sjöberg, RISE Bioscience and Materials
Mats Sandberg, RISE Acreo
Mattias Karls, Disruptive Materials AB
Michael Persson, Nouryon AB
Michelle Jacobsson, SwedNanoTech
Niklas Hedin, Stockholm University
Ocean Cheung, Uppsala University
Otto Soidinsalo, Borregaard AB
Per Larsson, KTH
Petr Vasiliev, NeoZeo AB
Pia Wågberg, RISE Bioeconomy
Seth Mueller, Boliden AB
Sofia Hiort Af Ornäs, Camfil AB
Stefan Örn, SLU
Tomas Rydberg, IVL
Tommi Remonen, Disruptive Materials AB
Ulf Johansson, Camfil AB
Ulrica Edlund, KTH
Vahid Saadattalab, Stockholm University
Valerio Beni, RISE
Yan Jinying, Vattenfall
Yusuf Mulla, RISE Acreo
Zareh Topalian, Svenska Aerogel AB
Zhaleh Atoufi, KTH
Zoheb Karim, MoRe Reserach AB
Åsa Claesson, RISE Acreo
Åsalie Hartmanis, SwedNanoTech